Spotlight: NNI's "Emerging Leaders" Seminar

The Native Nations Institute developed its annual "Emerging Leaders" executive education seminar specifically for newly elected and aspiring leaders of Native nations. This comprehensive seminar explores the realities of tribal governance, and the critical roles that leaders play in ensuring that their nations govern effectively and achieve their goals for the future. New or prospective leaders receive practical knowledge and tools to help them meet the fundamental challenges of leadership, from developing the nation’s political and legal infrastructures to mobilizing their constituents to play an active role in building a strong, sustainable nation. Specialized, intensive sessions on key governance topics prepare seminar participants to begin the process of building their personal blueprints for leadership success.

The Indigenous Governance Database shines a spotlight on selected presentations from the past six years (2007-2012) of this groundbreaking seminar. The list below provides an overview of what to expect:

EMERGING LEADERS 2007 (April 10-11, 2007) (1 video)

Ron His Horse Is Thunder: The Keys to Effective Governance and Economic Development: Predictability and Sustainability

EMERGING LEADERS 2008 (March 25-26, 2008) (15 videos)

Ned Norris, Jr.: Perspectives on Leadership and Nation Building

Anthony Pico: What I Wish I Knew Before I Took Office

EMERGING LEADERS 2009 (March 25-26, 2009) (9 videos)

Patricia Ninham-Hoeft: What I Wish I Knew Before I Took Office

Peterson Zah: Addressing Tough Governance Issues

EMERGING LEADERS 2010 (March 24-25, 2010) (9 videos)

Brian Cladoosby: What I Wish I Knew Before I Took Office

Monica Simeon: Building Sustainable Communities: The Story of Sister Sky

EMERGING LEADERS 2011 (March 23-24, 2011) (4 videos)

Rebecca Miles: What I Wish I Knew Before I Took Office

Robert A. Williams, Jr.: Law and Sovereignty: Putting Tribal Powers to Work

EMERGING LEADERS 2012 (March 20-21, 2012) (5 videos)

Milton Bluehouse, Jr.: An Introduction to Environmental Conflict Resolution 

Jaime Pinkham: Intergovernmental and Intertribal Relations: Walking the Sovereignty Walk

EMERGING LEADERS 2012 (October 10-11, 2012) (5 videos)

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